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The Mr Seel’s Garden Project Show and Tell

The Memories of Mr Seel’s Garden project will having a final public event on Sunday the 27th of January from 12-5pm at the Bluecoat to showcase what we’ve been up to.

In the “Tell” Room you’ll find:

The Bluecoat

The Bluecoat

Food Theatre: We’ve collected some really lovely stories as part of our oral history research and want to bring them to a new audience. We are currently working with theatre expert Liz Postlethwaite to develop a performance based on the interviews. There’ll be two shows on the 27th of January.

Food Poetry: Local, award winning poet Eleanor Rees has been a participant in the project from the start and will be reading new poetry inspired by interviews she conducted as part of the oral history strand at our final event.

The past and future of local food: There’ll be range of speakers, including local historian Duncan Scott and representatives from a variety of local food projects in Liverpool. Find out about what people are doing at the moment to promote local food and how you can get involved. Learn more about the history of cow-keeping in Liverpool and see footage of the final day at the last local milk-producing dairy.


In the “Show” Room you’ll find: 


Future Orchard at Everton

Food Postcards:  With the help of designer Freddy Taylor, we are creating a series of 15 postcards that will highlight some of the past and future local food sites in Liverpool. You’ll be able to find these in local shops as well as collect your postcard set at our final event at the Bluecoat.

Food Hacking:  We’ll be using different kinds of food packaging to share what we’ve collected. This includes an iPhone app that will read food barcodes and send back quotes and stories from our research. Come and try it out! We’ve also designed serviettes and paper bags which will have recipes on them from the 1911 Liverpool Cookery School recipe book for local businesses to use.

Food Map:  We are currently redesigning our online local food map. See how locations of food production sites changed over time and trace the journey between production, distribution and consumption.

Sharing our research: We’re going to make selections from our interviews available on iTunes and will also be printing data DVD’s with the audio and written version of our interviews. These DVD’s will be distributed to history societies to keep as part of their research libraries. Sign up for your copy at the event.

All this and much more………………   Come along!