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In search of Liverpool’s Bees

A Bee at Work (CC Andreas)

At our Show and Tell at the Bluecoat we were very excited to have Andrew Hubbard along to do a tasting of his Postcode Honey, all harvested locally in Liverpool. Sarah Horton wrote a great post about this here.

Andrew had time to have a look at our Local Food Map and noticed that there was not a single bee-hive on there. When he asked why, we had to tell him that none had come up in any of our research!

Since then we’ve found out that the designer of the WBC hive, William Broughton Carr used to live in Bebington on the Wirral and kept bees there. We’ve added him to our map, but those bees are a bit lonely. Anyone else remember anyone keeping bees in Liverpool? If you do email us at so we can add them to our map.