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Forcemeat Balls

From the Liverpool School of Cookery Recipe Book (1911), apparently produced after ‘constant requests’ for a book of recipes used at the School. The book was described as being “most valuable to young housekeepers, containing recipes most needed under all conditions and circumstances of everyday life”.

Picture by Artizone

Picture by Artizone


      • 2 tablespoonfuls bread crumbs.
      • Pepper, salt, cayenne.
      • 1 teaspponful chopped parsley.
      • 2 teaspoonfuls chopped suet
      • Dripping for frying
      • A little nutmeg
      • Grated lemon rind
      • 1 egg


Method: Mix the dry ingredients, moisten with egg, form into balls the size of a nutmeg, and fry in a little dripping till brown.