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Food Hacking

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The Mr Seel’s iPhone App lets you discover how we used to grow, make and eat food across Liverpool by scanning food products from the present day.

The barcodes on all food packaging are linked to a Universal Product Code database that gives information on what a product is. Supermarkets use these codes to access details about a product including its price.

When you scan a product with the Mr Seel’s App it links to our own database of memories and historical notes that tell you about how food was grown, cooked and eaten in the past. Just as the local food movement is transforming the global food system, our app seeks to transform Universal Product Codes into Local Memory Codes which uncover our local food heritage.

How does it work?

Scan the barcode on any food product within the Liverpool area and you will receive a historical fact or story about how we used to grow, make and eat food in the past. 

The quotes and stories have been gathered from local people who have memories about food and from historical archives that tell us how Liverpool used to a centre of local food production.

Where can I use it?

The App will work anywhere within 20 miles of Everton, Liverpool City centre and Sudley House in Mossley Hill.

Download here: