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Sultan’s Pudding

From the Liverpool School of Cookery Recipe Book (1911), apparently produced after ‘constant requests’ for a book of recipes used at the School. The book was described as being “most valuable to young housekeepers, containing recipes most needed under all conditions and circumstances of everyday life”.

  • 1 pint bright red jelly
  • ¾ oz. gelatine
  • ½ pint milk
  • ½ pint cream2 oz. sugar
  • 3 drops ratafia essence
  • 12 dried cherries
  • 2 inches of angelica
  • Pistachio nuts
  • Enough ratafia biscuits to line your mould

Method:  Take a plain Charlotte mould, and put a layer of jelly about ½ inch at the bottom. Let the remainder of the jelly harden for chopping. Steep and dissolve the gelatine in ¼ pint milk. Crush the ratafia biscuits and place in a bowl. Heat ¼ pint milk and ¼ pint cream; add the sugar and yolks. Cook till the custard thickens, then add the ratafia essence. Pour the hot custard over the soaked biscuits; strain in the dissolved gelatine, and mix well. When cold, add the cherries cut in half, the angelica in strips, and half the pistachios blanched and shredded. Mix in ¼ pint whipped cream and pour into the prepared mould before the mixture sets. When set, turn out of the mould, sprinkle the chopped jelly over and round with the remainder of the chopped pistachios over all.